The Fishing Tackle Box

The Fishing Tackle Box

Welcome to The Fishing Tackle Box, the place to come if like us, you love fishing, or you are looking to take it up.

On this site you will find advice on fishing from perfecting your skills to starting as a beginner. Our how to section will look to cover as many subjects as possible to help you enjoy fishing to the maximum.

Head on over to our location page to hear about some of the top locations around the UK to spend a day or two fishing. If it is high intensity competition you want, or picturesque scenery to spend a relaxing weekend fishing, there is a spot in the UK that will be prefect for you, hopefully we can help you find it.

In our Videos section we will be sharing fishing triumphs, from record breaking catches, to someones first bite. If you are new to fishing, you should find all the inspiration you need here to get out and get catching!!

So have a good look around the site, but most importantly, get fishing.

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